Garden road currently expanded for the passage of trucks and machinery whose interest lies in the possibility of traveling through the garden and communicating Tormos with Orba, which is very close, which could be a walking area for people of any age and physical preparation .

As we have advanced above, the demographic trends of Tormos have changed with the new century. An important immigration process has started, mainly from central and northern Europe. These new residents of Tormos have brought new customs and hobbies such as hiking, which was incipient here. Hiking is one of the most widespread leisure activities among the population of a good part of the central and northern European countries. Thus, the new neighbors are insistently demanding the infrastructure and equipment necessary for hiking, since the Tormos environment and its climate make it an ideal place for its practice.

Therefore, for the good tourist development of Tormos and the management of access to the rural environment, the recovery of some of the traditional trails that run through the mountains of the north and northwest of Tormos and the signaling of itineraries is especially important.