Dear Neighbors,
On June 15, the Plenary of the Investiture of the Tormos City Council was held, with the 7 councilors elected by virtue of the electoral results of May 26 taking office.
As the New Mayor of Tormos, I am aware of the weight and responsibility that comes with the trust that the people have placed in us and I want to thank all the neighbors for that trust, and present the basic lines on which we will base our management on the next years,
We are going to work with illusion, humility and absolute dedication, since there are many projects and ideas that we embody in our electoral programs, and our commitment to Tormos is firm and responsible.
A Town Hall for EVERYONE and EVERYONE, for the new government team, we are all neighbors of the same town that is ours.
One of our main objectives is to bring the town hall closer to all residents, giving them a voice and making them participate in the policies to be carried out.

Jerónimo Bermúdez Lara